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Whether someone was doing a locker room interview, running on the field, or just taking a pic with a fan, there are lots of other athletes who have succumbed to ADE — Accidental Dick Exposure! In no particular order, we present you with the most NSFW peentastic moments in sports! While New York Mets pitcher R. Dickey was being interviewed, he was rudely photobombed by Anon Dong! Want to see the time Minnesota Vikings player Visanthe Shiancoe flashed the cameras in the locker room? To be fair, it was supporting his Oklahoma City Thunder. Happy Birthday Serge Ibaka! Tbh, he should have borrowed a white sock from the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Carmelo Anthony has got lots of love for his fans… in his pants! I guess Carmelo Anthony wears tight pants to show off his trouser snake.
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Do you know that Armani underwear ad in which David Beckham is laying on his back, legs spread in a V, just inviting us to… buy the briefs for our husbands?
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Adam Hamaway , a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York. So when you just put fat in there, it looks very unnatural. Penis envy is all fun and games till someone ends up with a soft, lumpy penis. Would you go under the knife to have a Beckham pecker? Do people realize that his package is padded? Perhaps if he wore Andrew Christian underwear, we might see more of what he has. He does not interest me, there are better examples of our beloved male species than him. I fail to understand why someone with a beautiful natural body feels the need to cover it in ink. Just mind boggling. Whenever he opens his mouth, it is patently obvious how undereducated he is, which, in my mind, is a big turn off.
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Guy who scopes out David Beckham at urinal says he’s well endowed

The hooker that alleged that she and David Beckham had sex five times in is named Irma Nici. Ever since she told her story of vanilla sex seduction with David Beckham to In Touch , Irma has been big news. Add to that the little fact that Beckham is suing Irma as well as In Touch — well, Irma is now a full-fledged hooker-celebrity, like Rachel Uchitel. Sources close to the soccer legend hit out after the year-old Bosnian hooker challenged him to drop his pants in court to prove his innocence. She is a malicious fantasist without a single shred of evidence to support her pack of lies. The writs stand against her, the magazine and its publishers. The statement is further proof that she has absolutely no evidence. If she had, she would have disclosed it by now to one of the many publications she has been trying to hawk her story to. Any lawsuit against her is a publicity stunt and without merit. Any attorney who brings an action against her should be prepared to face sanctions and pay all legal costs because they will lose.

Do you know that Armani underwear ad in which David Beckham is laying on his back, legs spread in a V, just inviting us to… buy the briefs for our husbands? Of course you do, that image is pretty much iconic now. Now we have confirmation from another guy who scoped out the Goldenballs. A DJ from Australia claims to have been doing his business at a urinal next to Beckham and to have checked him out.

He says the advertisements are legit and Beckham is as much a man as his wife claims:. DJs talk a lot of crap, so who knows if this is true. I wonder what the backstory is and if the guy explained how he ended up peeing next to Beckham.

Either way, I believe it. You can only buy the skivvies, though, the body is damn near unattainable for most of us. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Methinks it would sound manlier. Never doubted Becks blessings for a minute. Having done a fair amount of anthropological field research in this area myself I have to go with length over girth.

Of course mind blowing technique is always a deal breaker. Kaiser, just wait til those nasty liberals get hold of that! Moosegate will forever tarnish the history of the presidential elections! With you on the mind or whatever blowing technique, though! Syko :. If he is a tractor pipe, what does that make her? Moosegate … That rolls off the tongue. Like BeckhamBalls. Do you think Becks would stand in the middle of my office for a day?

Well I think he is gorgeous. Everyone assumes the penis rumors are fact and that is fine, but no one here decides to question the fact that this DJ is supposedly peeing and David Beckham out of nowhere says hello and asks how the fella is doing?!

By huge I mean at least 8 inches long and 6 inches around think pop can. Look at the second picture, he has low-hanging balls and the tip of his penis is right at the bottom. Can you imagine your boyfriend showing up with one… For me it would be …. If anybody out there has a link to any full frontal pictures of Mr. Tractor Pipe, please post a link for us…for research purposes only, of course 8. Google it, Enchantress.

Thanks Daisy! It took me forever to get it to work, which is admittedly pathetic. I keep meaning to ask you about your icon — one of your grandkids? What a darling little baby. Codzilla, I know, it took me forever also. That icon was me as a child, thanks. I like to change it around…back to Liz Montgomery for now.

Are we talking 9 ins or more? The fact that he was the one doing the procureing makes it that much more exciting. I mean last I checked video games with two joysticks are more fun to play!

And the fact that he was secure enough to buy one shows that he is well endowed enough not to worry about being compared to it, so yeah, I believe the bulge. Latest Comments. Hot Posts Canada won't cover Sussexes' security Cambridges buying Instagram followers Queen is 'exhausted,' 'frustrated' Beatrice is dieting for her wedding Harry and Bon Jovi record song.

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Diva says:. September 10, at pm. Trish says:. September 11, at am. September 12, at am. Phat girl says:. September 12, at pm. Canada won't cover Sussexes' security. Cambridges buying Instagram followers. Queen is 'exhausted,' 'frustrated'.

Beatrice is dieting for her wedding. Dunkin Donuts is selling sides of bacon. Macaulay Culkin is going to be on AHS. Candice Bergen left her wallet home. Emmy Rossum on the set of Angelyne. Justin Timberlake reviews GS cookies.

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