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Wow just found this blog and for the first time am in mid's feel some support as an MD's wife of 30 years who is socially isolated he has very few friendsgetting despondent, bitter and resentful due to having some expectations which are met with constant disappointment. It's gonna end regardless not trying to be a dick, but that is what is going to happen eventuallyso be smart and cut your losses before it gets harder. Reading some of the post are making scared of what to expect. No nagging, no emotional neediness, etc. Honestly, he probably is giving you as much of his free time as he can,and can't give you any more. If she is motivated enough to want to go on a mission, she will likely not settle for having a second class "eternal companion" you who is a convert or one who cannot be sealed to her for eternity. Attacking other posters is not allowed, but this forum recognizes the difference between a belief and the person holding to that belief. Religious differences, however are real. Do people that are that busy honestly not have time to even think about their SO. Good communication, love, support and understanding are the things you should consider.
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It MAY be true that she will not marry him unless he converts. What about the folks at church.
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Indeed, it is the loneliness and the lack of time to have intimacy or feel connected with one another that scares me for our future. Oh well, at least now I know. Nothing less will do. Best wishes to those struggling with these big, life-altering decisions. But our marriage is strong, and our children are good people. As a non member you can not take her to the celestial kingdom to live with God and get your own worlds to populate with her. Stick around on this sub. Well in my case and at this time, some of their words and advice are really hitting home and taking root because we are yet another casualty of the residency firing brigade. He married the new girl then cheated on her. I thought she would grow out of it.

That is a goal worth fighting for. No doubt that some will be valiant up on the other side of the veil, but just as sure there will others who will reject salvation because of their high mindedness. I would do it all over again and thank my lucky stars that I found this man, that he loves, and that I love him. Oh well, I'll just pretend she's not mormon and see what happens. Be prepared for divorce. Through this, if you run into unforeseen issues like sold out movies or you cannot get a seat at a restaurant, you will always have a backup plan. I am often kind of waiting around until the last minute for him to contact me and let me know when he's free or I have to pursue him, which doesn't make me feel like he's very into me. She was a mormon and he finally joined the church at For 40 years there was a disconnect and she really viewed him as a lesser person cause he wasn't a member. None felt right, ever. When missionaries come home, they are like top dog religious people.

Then be clear you will never convert. As Joanne mentioned, should you marry interfaith, you will have lots of help from fellow ward members on converting your spouse. I am engaged to a Doctor and I must say that all this posts are kinda scary. Can he see the good in it, or does he focus on the more controversial aspects.

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