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Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. As we've reminded you before , people in the past just didn't give a shit. They were too busy being crazy and taking pictures of it to be bothered with how those pictures would make them look in 80 or 90 years. It's like they're daring us to make sense of them, and once again, we've risen boldly to the challenge. OK, this is definitely some kind of optical illusion. The little girl's real legs are clearly hidden behind that log or something, because otherwise they would've had to spend a lot of time digitally erasing all of the villagers trying to set her on fire. She suffered from congenital genu recurvatum, which is a disorder that weakens the ligaments in the knees and causes them to bend backward, gradually or all the damned way. Like many people with physical deformities in the s, Ella was a star circus attraction for many years, which presumably then segued into a featured role in Charlie Sheen's The Arrival.
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The patina of antiquity may make a carved ivory phallus, Venus figurine, or vulva painting on a cave wall priceless, communicating to us from a mute, distant past. Still, most prehistoric erotic art is abstract, disembodied.
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An ivory statuette of a well-endowed woman discovered in Germany suggests that humanity's earliest art might have been of the erotic variety.
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The history of erotic depictions includes paintings , sculpture , photographs , dramatic arts , music and writings that show scenes of a sexual nature throughout time.
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People on the Internet love firsts. The first image in web history was… four women, all of whom now probably regret being part of the first image in web history. E-mail as we know it was created by a programmer named Ray Tomlinson, in People had been sending electronic messages before… but only to people on the same computer. Apologies, by the way, to the real guy site. Hope you like hearing about the magical powers of Acai berries! Not even you, Marie Curie. So what did Tomlinson write in his first e-mail? The first real e-mail he sent was a message to his co-workers… explaining how to use e-mail over the network. With the first real e-mail out of the way, the door was open for the first spam e-mail.
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Pornography is visual or published material that depicts sexual activity or nude bodies, especially in sexualized situations. The dawn of the internet has resulted in pornography becoming widely available, but the origins of this genre date back centuries. Sexually graphic images and art not only existed in ancient times but in a wide variety of cultures as well. The sculpture also stands out for clearly showing the male figurine's genitalia. The discovery of the statues challenged the idea that sex was a taboo subject for ancient societies. The city was finally excavated centuries later, beginning in the s. The European colonial aristocracy—whose members had fashioned themselves as the intellectual and political heirs to ancient Rome—were scandalized by the hundreds of sexually explicit frescoes and sculptures found in the Mount Vesuvius ruins. In the year , Chandravarman began construction of the first of 85 temples at Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh , India. The temples are known for the extremely intricate and often sexually explicit sculptures that cover their outer walls. Although most of the list's titles were banned for theological reasons, some were prohibited because of their sexually explicit content.
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An ivory statuette of a well-endowed woman discovered in Germany suggests that humanity's earliest art might have been of the erotic variety. The tiny statuette--just under 6 centimeters tall and 3. It has dramatically exaggerated breasts and a detailed, enlarged vulva. The headless figurine is topped with a knob that Conard suggests might have been used to attach it to a thong or cord for use as a necklace or personal ornament. The find came years almost to the day after the discovery in Austria of the "Venus of Willendorf," perhaps the most famous example of so-called Venus figurines that proliferated across Europe 20, to 25, years ago.

The Willendorf find was made of stone and about twice as big, but it also emphasized large breasts and a clearly carved vulva. In a paper in tomorrow's issue of Nature , Conard argues that his statuette is about 10, years older than the Austrian find.

It's the latest in a string of Stone Age statuettes discovered in the Swabian Jura, a region near Stuttgart, whose limestone caves made for excellent shelters and have preserved artifacts remarkably well.

The others have been representations of animals and birds, whereas this is the first human figure found. Conard's team uncovered the fragments in a cave called Hohle Fels, which has yielded small figurines of animals and a mysterious half-man, half-lion figure Science NOW , 17 December Conard also found swan-bone flutes--potentially the earliest musical instruments--in a nearby cave. There's no way to know what the statuette was used for or what meaning it carried, although scientists theorize that it might have been used in shamanistic rites or was simply pornography.

Anthropologist Paul Mellars of Stony Brook University in New York state says the focus on exaggerated sexual features fits with other artifacts found from the period, including phalluses carved out of bison horn and vulva inscribed on rocks. They were sex-mad. Conard used radiocarbon dates from bones and other artifacts found nearby to date the figurine. The fragments were found within a few centimeters of each other close to the bottom of a layer that represents the first arrival of modern humans in Europe--a period known as the Aurignacian that dates back 40, years.

Not everyone agrees. The art's timing plays into a larger debate over the origins of human behavior and whether early modern humans were cognitively more advanced than the Neandertals they competed with and eventually replaced Science NOW , 13 September Regardless of its precise age, the figure shows that artists have been interested in certain aspects of the female form for a very long time, says Conard. By Meredith Wadman Mar. All rights Reserved. The statuette found near Stuttgart.

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