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One of the life-threatening situations during surgery is unintentional tracheal extubation of patient under general anaesthesia in position limiting face access and can cause serious complications if not followed by rapid reintubation [ 1 ]. Sudden extubation which may happen in patient in prone position for example during general anaesthesia for spine surgery may lead to serious complications. There is still no best method of management of these situation in clinical settings [ 1 ].
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Traditionally, general anaesthesia for surgical procedures requiring prone position consists of induction and tracheal intubation in supine position on a trolley, and then patient is turned prone on the operation table and positioned carefully. Even though this approach is familiar to most anaesthesiologists, it is time consuming and requires shift of manpower from other tasks to properly position the patient. In the present study as an alternative to the traditional approach, classic laryngeal mask airway has been used successfully in patients who need controlled ventilation during short, moderate and even long duration surgeries in prone position. In this feasibility study involving patients it was found that insertion of laryngeal mask airway in prone position, considerably simplify the management of this group of patients, without compromising the safety. Indian J Anaesth ; Anesth Analg ; Milligan KA. Laryngeal mask in the prone position. Anaesthesia ; McCaughey W, Bhanumurthy S.
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Sign up for our email newsletter for the latest science news. Domestic dogs are very different from their wolf ancestors in their bodies and their behaviour. They're more docile for a start. But man's best friend has also evolved a curious sensitivity to our communication signals - a mental ability that sets them apart from wolves and that parallels the behaviour of human infants. Dogs and infants are even prone to making the same mistakes of perception. Like infants less than a year old, dogs fail at a seemingly easy exercise called the "object permanence task".

It goes like this: if you hide an object somewhere say a ball under a cup and let the baby retrieve it a few times, they will continue to search for it there even if you hide it somewhere else say behind the sofa and even if you do so in front of their eyes.

Piaget , the legendary psychologist who discovered this behaviour, thought that it reflected a wildly different way of seeing the world. More recently, Jozsef Topal suggested that it's the influence of the adult experimenter that's the key. By repeatedly pointing at the ball in the first hiding place, the adult enshrines a generalised rule in the infant's mind. And infants, being programmed to learn from communicative signals, come to believe the adult's instructions over the evidence of their own eyes some people apparently never grow out of this, but I digress.

Topal demonstrated this by showing that infants were much better at the task if the experimenters avoided social cues like calling the child's name or eye contact.

And the same is true for domestic dogs. Topal tested a dozen adult dogs with a version of the hidden-object challenge, concealing toy behind one of two possible screens. Their error rate dropped even lower in completely non-social situations, where the ball was moved by pulling on a transparent string. These results suggest that dogs and infant share a social mindset where certain cues prepare them to learn from humans. It's not the case that the gestures and facial signs were just distracting for that would lead the animals or infants to search both hiding places equally - instead, they both preferred the one that the object was initially hidden behind.

Dogs, it seems, have a particular breed of social smarts even as inexperienced puppies and some scientists have suggested that these skills are adaptations that have developed over the last 10, years to allow dogs to better interact with their two-legged partners. Indeed, the true scope of the dog's mental abilities has probably been known to dog owners for some time, but has only really been confirmed through experiments in the last decade or so.

If scientists point to one paper cup among many that hides a piece of food, dogs understand what they mean - they clearly understand the pointing gesture. If you're not impressed, bear in mind that wolves can't do it, great apes are flummoxed by the task and even babies fail before their first birthday. Topal also found that wolves, even those reared by humans, don't make the same errors that dogs do on the object permanence task. When he tested 10 wolves that had extensive experience with humans, they passed with flying colours regardless of whether their human partners were gesturing and calling, standing impassively or entirely absent.

This difference between wolves and dogs is a striking one, but it doesn't mean that one subspecies is cleverer than the other or better at logic, as LiveScience purported.

Instead, Topal thinks that the two species have different biases in the way they perceive the world, and those of dogs are superficially similar to those of human infants. Note that I said "superficially" - it would be folly to suggest that dogs are reacting to the human signals in exactly the same way as our own infants do. Topal demonstrated this by repeating the tests, but swapping the experimenters around before the object was moved to a new location. This time, the infants still made the same errors that they did before but the dogs did not.

This suggests that the two species are doing different things. Topal thinks that infants use the gestures as a sign that a learning opportunity is coming up. They're about to get some info that they can generalise to new situations. As such, it doesn't matter if the experimenter swaps around - they still think that the rule they've learnt about the ball behind a certain place will hold. Dogs, on the other hand, relate the signals they see to specific situations and to specific people - if the person making the funny actions changes, the rules of the game change too.

Reference: Topal, J. Images : Dog by John Haslam. Dogs catch yawns from humans. Dogs frown on unfair rewards. Dogs and devils - the rise of the contagious cancers. X Account Login Forgot your password? Register for an account X Enter your name and email address below. X Website access code Enter your access code into the form field below.

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