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2. Batman – The Animated Series

By Matt M. One of the things that we all tend to remember from our childhoods is the cartoons we used to watch, either on a Saturday morning or on a weekday afternoon after school, either way we looked forward to catching up with the characters regularly and enjoying their adventures. How many can you remember? The adventures of young Warner Bros. This is still massively popular today. It was dark, gritty and perfectly scripted and acted, with special mention having to go to Mark Hamill as The Joker! The fact that the voice cast still work together regularly on things like the Arkham series of video games speaks volumes to their success. The tales of a cat and dog who are best friends, yet at times seem to hate each other, especially Ren who is downright nasty to Stimpy at times. The show was filled with dark and cynical humour and images and even had episodes that could turn your stomach! Tommy, Angelica, Chucky and the gang, who could possibly not love these guys?
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Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. This time of year there are many people calling out of work. Not just nursing but in every profession.

What was the wildest story you have heard? SwansonRN has 2 years experience. I wouldn't call out sick just because it's a holiday I just wish for a low census and being flexed down, Santa that's my only wish this year. But the best excuse? What sucks is when you really DO get sick over a holiday. It happened to me once, and it has happened to several co-workers with whom I shared a shift while they looked like dog poo and as a patient I certainly wouldn't want them taking care of me but couldn't call in sick because it was a holiday.

Our facility takes your PDOs, doesn't pay you, and it's considered a fairly serious violation I understand that there are a few people who would abuse it if there weren't a policy against, but norovirus doesn't exactly strike at opportune times. I had to call in sick on a holiday when I really was physically ill. I felt terrible having to call in sick on a holiday.

The worst part about it, was I had joked with friends at work the week before the holiday saying I was going to "call in sick. Lesson learned. Hygiene Queen specializes in I have never gotten sick on a holiday so I've never had to call in but considering how we're all treated like liars any other time, I can only imagine how it would be to call in on Christmas!

I mean, is the hospital not full of people who are sick on the holiday!? But, I guess it all comes back down to those lovely fakers who call in all the time and ruin it for everybody else! Lol Blackcat I joke about that, too You got me thinking that maybe I won't do that anymore!

Onyl the paitents are allowed to get sick and if you become one people think you are faking it. If you are sick you are sick. I only call out with a fever over Then I will call out, whether that is Memorial day or something i don't even celebrate. We have one co-worker that says she is going to call in sick with every holiday she works. Last year I was not sure if she was going to call in or not, so I was sort of on call in case they were going to pull a nurse out of my job and put her on the floor.

I would then have to go in. No glass of wine for me that year. The worst excuse? Some lengthy whine about having a cold. Pretty much the same one they used a few weeks before, and a few months before, etc.. I'll never forget the year I had the flu on Christmas Day. I called in to work I worked and got to talk to the manager. We called them head nurses in those days. She told me that if I was really sick, I should come in to the ER and be evaluated.

If I was too sick to work, they'd send me home. I dragged myself in to the ER with a fever temp of and chills, laryngitis and a cough that would not quit. Guess what -- I wasn't too sick to work!

They sent me up to the unit, and I dragged myself through my 8 hour shift. Thank the good lord it wasn't a 12! It can really be tempting to call out sick or to pretend there are emergencies so you would not go to work, but I believe that nurses have a responsibility to uphold. Yes, a responsibility to take care of themselves, and to keep themselves from spreading their own contagious illnesses to patients and other staff.

I'll never forget how thankful I felt when I caught norovirus in a hospital-wide outbreak, and nearly fainted in my apartment from dehydration. He spread his illness not only to the unit's staff, but also to several immunocompromised patients I get 5 sick days per year, so I need to use them wisely. Unfortunately, playing hooky on a holiday usually isn't in the cards as a result. I would call out on a holiday if I was truly sick, which luckily hasn't happened to me yet.

I don't understand why patients and admin don't think nurses aren't people too? Like we can't get sick. This year, on Valentine's Day I was scheduled to work. My hubby and I don't even try to do anything on Valentines so it's no big deal, his birthday is around that time so we celebrate then and do it all together. But I called off on Valentine's Day legitimately puking and they completely acted like I was lying to get the day off.

I understand there are fakers out there that want every holiday off This site uses cookies. By using this site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. Nurses Rock. World Marketplace Leaders. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Google. Sign in with Facebook. Nurses Nurses Rock People calling out for the holidays. Case Study: Unexplained Bruises. Prev 1 2 Next. Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below!

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Dec 23, by SwansonRN. Dec 23, by Blackcat Dec 23, by Hygiene Queen. Of course for weeks afterward, my colleagues complained that I had given them the flu! Dec 24, by amygarside. Dec 24, by NyteshiftLVN. Open An Account To Comment. Sign In. OK, Got It.

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