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I own nothing. Chowder is owned by Cartoon Network. This is just a fan project and nothing more. In this case I did it just for a laugh. Chowder was sneaking till he got to the back of the chair. While mung was serving as a distraction by getting torn to shreds chowder had to complete his mission, getting the mood fruit from endive. He saw her colossal, grody back. It was as tall as a mountain, but he knew he had to do it for mung, and the thrice cream reward for doing it. He felt the nervousness of the situation and the heat of the sun cause him to sweat, but he still pressed on and started to climb. Endive's skin felt like it was made of half rained mud.
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Breaking down the fourth wall is one of Chowder's most well known qualities without ruining the immersion of the show. A fourth wall is the conceptual barrier between the show and the audience. When the fourth wall is broken, it means the characters within the media are allowing the audience to become one with it, most commonly being referred to directly as the audience or, less often, characters subtly referencing the fact that they're inside a form of media. Though Chowder isn't the only character who breaks the fourth wall, he seems to do it most often, with the most infamous fourth wall break involving Chowder changing the show entirely and, in the end, shutting it down completely. Gazpacho prodding at the Cartoon Network logo. Greenblatt in a wig. Chowder doesn't just break the fourth wall in the show, but he does it in other media as well. In FusionFall , he'll sometimes say to the player, "Help! I think I'm trapped in a video game! Sign In Don't have an account?
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Chowder is still holding that last note, in fact I'm calling in the world record council to see if that'll make him stop. Oh, so you're just gonna run away like a coward! I thought you were a true man who can take anything! I don't need you! I don't need nobody! And so, Schnitzel bid farewell to his home because he could still hear Chowder.

He just kept on walking until he found the part of Marzipan City that couldn't hear Chowder's singing anymore. He sighed in relief before sitting at a bus bench and pondered what to do now that he was out of a job. Endive again. He gulped and tried to remain calm as it slowly opened. That night, Endive giggled evilly as she planned how to get into his pants. Another chance to get my man! Ok Endive, be calm and think. Last time you were too strong and quick, but this time, this time will be different!

He sighed before he moved to clean them up. Schnitzel took a deep breath as he woke up and headed downstairs. Schnitzel could've sworn she said something pervy, but let it slide and radda'd how it's fine, he'll do it. It's supposed to be me and Schnitzel. Schnitzel grabbed the avocado, used a spoon to dig out the contents and put it on top of the eggs.

After breakfast, Schnitzel got work on cleaning Endive's pool. I'm like a leaf floating down a stre-" She then intentionally hit her head on the edge, knocking her out. He used the net to grab at her head and pull her over before grunting and hefted her onto the side. She was just knocked out, she didn't drown this time, so he just rolled her to her bedroom. But before leaving So he did the right thing and decided to strip off her bikini. All the while closing his eyes so he didn't stare and seem like a pervert, ironic.

Then he dried her off with a towel. Schnitzel ran to his room then to his personal bathroom where he washed his eyeballs but was unaware that he had a boner. He was disgusted by that. She somehow got away with that. He's not sure if he should sue for sexual harassment because he did all of those things on his own volition.

When he saw his boner though he cried out in horror. That time he walked in on Mung and Truffles as they made out, Chowder being shirtless, Endive in a thong. He then tried thinking about something else. The fact his bed used to be an old woman's death bed, the time he saw Gazpacho in a thong, Endive pressing her boobs against his chest.

Schnitzel was sweating, he needed to get his boner down, but he couldn't keep 'em waiting. He racked his brain for anything with said organ getting annoyed. Schnitzel dear it's okay, just come out and kiss me. We won't shame you.

It's much better. He stepped out, but then saw lots of cars shaking and couples making out while sitting on picnic blankets. Endive laid there, smiling. Push me? You'll feel up my bosom. Lift me? My bosom might get in your face. Schnitzel shivered but he took some deep breaths.

He moved his hands over to her side and started to lift her up with a grunt. I remember back when women wanted to bench press their men.

Endive got to feel Schnitzel's rock hard lips once again. Said rock monster blushed feeling the tongue and tried to keep from suffocating under her huge rack. He managed to roll around for him to be on top. That and he could feel her rubbing up against him and his growing boner. They then entered the back of the car, throwing each other's clothes off. When Schnitzel got a clear look at Endive's rack, his jaw hit the floor.

This made her moan even louder and squirm against his fingers. Soon he had his whole fist inside. Schnitzel smiled as he thrusted his arm in and out. This made the woman moan so loud it made the windows vibrate. He groaned as she moaned since her pussy immediately clenched onto his dick.

He leaned over and pecked her cheeks as her moans started to sound like an angry bear, scaring off everybody. Endive tried forcing him back in but her legs couldn't quite hold on. Good thing I came prepared with the rings. With that the two of them worked on getting dressed in the surprisingly big car. All the while Panini watched with envy.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. I'm gonna give this summary more spice. Introducing the super special ultra awesome addition to the series! Send in those requests! Crazy trouble with love part 8 Endive and Schnitzel Series: Chowder xxxxxxxxxxxx It had been another morning as Schnitzel walks into work. You found a solution to finally ending the song? Love ya! That's when he felt a light bulb go off.

After some minutes he reached the place and broke into a nervous sweat. Who is That explains that ear grating sound I've been hearing all day. As Schnitzel worked the stove, Endive kept a good eye on a certain area below Schnitzel. What did you get before? The last one though made him blush and swore his boner got harder. Later Schnitzel was dropping off an order with Endive I'll get you for this! Endive growled while Schnitzel snickered. That's when Endive pounced!

The other couples took notice. Then what were they doing? It's not like you have a girlfriend now, do you? Now why don't you show me how you can really kiss? Panini started recording it from the bushes. Endive you get in there. Endive, you get in there. You naughty naughty boy. It gets quite hot. Pound my dough! That's a good lo-" "Yeah, yeah, our relationship is in the toilet, just go back to fucking this guy I paid, it's dollars an hour.

Having a real dick is SO much better than toys! I never get to feel a creampie! Writing 'you're welcome' across her stomach. Moia and Aladdin 2. Kokonoe and Ragna 3.

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