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Stop crying wolf all the time, unnecessary issue here. Get over it," she wrote.
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Purchasing a student photograph is a great way to support our free art mentoring and education programs for low-income youth while building your own photography collection. This is the fourth site in this eight-community project, sponsored by The California Endowment, which covers diverse areas of Southern and Central California. Sandra and the other teens in Southern Kern were exploring health issues affecting their lives: teen pregnancy; air quality, and related health issues such as asthma and unsafe parks. Many of the youth involved in this project knew teens that were pregnant or had already had children. I learned a lot about photography and how a photo is worth a million words like people say I finally understand why. I also learned about light, composition and how different positions of taking a photo can make the photo look like something else. This also helped me learn more about my community and issues that are in the community, such as teen pregnancy and air pollution. It felt nice knowing that I got involved in my community. Our Story. Who We Serve.

Stop crying wolf all the time, unnecessary issue here. Get over it," she wrote. As a Brit myself, I have to agree with her. Knowing British women like I do, Terry probably told him to keep his money and stop using her son for publicity.

This is an open post where you can discuss any subject matter. This post will not be censored or moderated. Disqus may automatically moderate certain words considered offensive. There are no rules in Open Posts. So enter at your own risk. Unacceptable by MY standards and morals Gud Day! Have that baby owing him money til he is 45 years old. First it was the Carolina Pampers. Now he aint got a million to offer this child to model. I was looking like "They got some Carolina Pampers?

Are they black owned? What are the reviews? Are the leakproof? Are they thick like a pad or thin like a "panny liner"? Garanimals are cute and inexpensive daycare and throw up will make you save your coins! Don't sleep. I'm more concerned about the basketball team in Ohio having racial slurs on the back of their jerseys.

I wasn't outraged by this cause I knew his momma was there and cashed that check. Also this monkey issue elicits a lot conversation. My son wears nothing monkey, didn't have any at the shower, in the crib, none of that. Maybe on a sheet First of all, any mother who knows about Diddy's interactions with Usher when he was only 15 years old would keep her young son as far away from Sean Combs as possible.

Dude who I came up with has been calling them Caroilina Pampers on Facebook for over a smooth ass decade. Said they cry real real extra bad in the post game interview when they lose. I agree, it's not something i would put my kids in but i will not have a heart attack about another woman who doesn't care if her kid wears this.

One on the issues you just brung up. And one is needed to continually educate those on race outside of this country. I am well aware that not eveyone puts an emphasis on race that we do. However, I do expect all global corporate entities to educate themselves if nothing else. My company is based out of UK. Previous one Ireland. If they are global you have to be globally aware on cultural issues across the board. Those are the clothes where they rip and get paint on and you dont have to think twice about tossing them.

Lemme know when I post it. Since this is an open post I have a comment to get off my chest about my son's best friend's wedding. So my son's best friend recently got married on New Year's Eve for the 3rd time and he is not even 35 yet. While giving a toast, the groom's sister made a comment I thought was stupid. She said that her family just loves the bride to pieces because she is always taking the groom's daughter to get her hair and nails done. Umm, is that a reason to get married because someone is obviously trying to hook you because they see how easy it is to get to you through your daughter because of your other two "rushed marriages"?

Oh, and she's not paying for the hair and nail trips she's just providing the transportation since the girl is only 15 and doesn't drive. It's probably just me acting like a mom because he and my son have been friends since junior high and well, he is pretty vulnerable and weak when it comes to women and being talked into marriage.

It's too late now cuz theyz married now but as I sat there and listened to her reason why their family loved the bride, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. What about kindness, a loving heart, compassion, helping the kid with her homework, taking her to educational venues to learn some stuff, learn about her heritage, going on field trips with her, and teaching her about fast-assed boys, etc but the best reason you could come up with was because she takes her to get her hair and nails done.

It's got to be just me feeling some type of way about him being on his 3rd marriage. I thought she was from Kenya? I agree with the Mom For you Yoni. Ppl are losing their minds LOL Literally just gave tons of sh! Second, I love this mother. Black Americans will sit back and watch their kids dodge bullets from black gangbangers all damn day and never even look up from their cell phones. But take a non-issue like this and they are forever "outraged. My Grand-Sun is only 4 months and they way he is growing out of stuff, spits up after feedings and sits in a seat all day.

His attire of choice IS Garanimals. Europe, specifically the UK is full of Africans. A lot migrate directly there as they were under European rule til not so long ago.

Damn, maybe on his fourth marriage they can comment on how much better she cooks verses the others. IMO, that is something to rejoice over lol. Congrats to him though, hopefully she is the final one. I heard Usher had to pop his booty for Diddy back in the day to get his career going. If all the sexual stuff Diddy has done to men ever came out, not to mention what he has done to women, that fool would probably be locked up forever.

And just because he has money doesn't mean he is not culpable and can't be locked up for anyone that will respond "but he has money". My response would be Weinstein and Simmons had money too. He sounds like hopeless romantic. He appears to be in search of something he did not receive growing up. Hopefully this marriage will work for him, if not he may catch up to a Elizabeth Taylor in marriages.

His sister sound ignorant and young. I was just like really? That's all you got to say when your brother is not even 35 and he's on his 3rd marriage? I'm African and I just ignore Africans that live in Africa and say we are too sensitive. That's easy to say when you live in a black country.

You have to live in this system, work here and be treated a certain way to understand some of these things. There is no way they didn't have a good laugh at this boys expense. Yep, sister is young and sounded very ignant for saying that.

I thought it was just me reading too much into her toast. I saw a few people turn their heads like what did she just say. I see this all the time with them. Just for clarification, you think black Americans don't care when their kids are killed because of gang violence? They know they have life and death issues that need to be addressed. Instead of worrying about a sweatshirt, how about focusing on the degree to which the gay and trans mafia controls Black Lives Matter.

Nearly everyone in a decision-making position is gay or "trans. Why isn't that money going to improve the lives of nlack children, and How much has DeRay's personal bank account improved as he promotes the gay agenda?. Please start examining REAL issues and stop being so easily distracted by the media's " shiny objects. Here we go again with people trying to show fake love all for their own attention whoring benefit. I could go on and on,,,, but you get my points. I didnt speak on the post because I know how sensitive people can be and how some people are not as sensitve when it comes to these issues.

I am on the Mothers side We play into our own sterotypes but guys be homeboys with White guys that let them say "Whats up my Nigga allllll day long. New Generation and we need to focus on generational wealth without selling out. I do not think she is selling out. Had a Latino or White child modeled the sweater there would have been a different reaction but just because calling Blacks Monkeys offend a lot of people this had to go viral. They apologize, learned from it She's right Americans try to use anything and anybody for their own selfish reasons.

Folks will be mad today and report there for the Presidents Day Sale.

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