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Share this picture. Enter Code:. Mom shares the bed with her son Since becoming a hotwife, and experiencing stronger, more commanding men, your other half confided in you her fantasy of sleeping with a wider circle of men — for money. She loves being paid for and used by all kinds of men, receiving their Then they lay down, trusting us. Not knowing that while they sleep we will exceed their every expectation. That their glamorous life to come will be a series of The Night Stalker's job allows him to travel around the world allowing him to come across opportunities that present themselves. While closing a multi million dollar deal, he overheard that one of the wives would be home alone while her husband flew to
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Share this picture. Enter Code:. Aina x She used to love the fair, now it only brings memories of betrayal humiliation and sexual abuse! Leave some degrading comments her husband loves them! Ever want to see your wife girlfriend or even family member in a situation you could never talk her The Night Stalker's job allows him to travel around the world allowing him to come across opportunities that present themselves. While closing a multi million dollar deal, he overheard that one of the wives would be home alone while her husband flew to During the holidays everyone stays at my grandmas house. I love this time of year, because it means Lots of drunk sexy relatives.
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Share this picture. Enter Code:. Don't worry though there'll be another gallery going up later of whatever I download today More wife pictures, pantyhose and stocking pix, Having fun with big natural tits while babe in deep sleep. Cought my sister while sleeping on our couch. So, I decided to strip her and take a picture of her cunt. So, here it is. You are not signed in. Live Sex.
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Share this picture. Enter Code:. I bet I've looked at over 50, pix this weekend. That's almost So your wife is a prude. She doesn't want to show off at all for you or your friends and the mere thought of someone taking a nude picture of her, especially if it were to wind up on the internet is simply horrifying to her.

That doesn't mean you can't With a little patience, she'll fall asleep. With some help like alcohol or drugs, she'll fall asleep faster. And with the right amounts, she'll stay asleep.

All that sexiness without her running her mouth! Blessed euphoria! Whether its a wife or At any rate. Admin zapped 3 more pix they deemed 'appears too young'. One pic was the shot of the gal who was asleep and someone had jacked off on her hair.

It was from behind. She had the covers up over her neck. Her face was not really even in view This is my aunt who i recently fucked. She didnt want me to take any photos or videos while we were fucking because shes afraid. But i managed to capture this while she felt asleep after a good amount of my cum inside her. I had a description here I promise. Pantyhose pix, stocking pix, wife pix, daughter pix, exhibitionist pix, voyeur pix, sleep pix, passed out pix, story and caption idea pix, and on and on.

My usual stuff. I wonder WTF happened to my original Life can be interesting sometimes, and ideas can come from the strangest places. Like the story ideas and caption concepts I get when I troll through galleries looking for the odd tasty tidbit. Not to mention the gallery stuff I intend to post yeah, Going to change up my description a bit. Not that I didn't download pix, and a good day's haul. Plenty of pantyhose and nylon stocking feet pix, sleep and passed out pix, wife and wives and daughter pix, voyeur and exhibitionist pix and all get Sleep Over.

Lots of GIFs today for some reason. Well, there was a reason and it's because a vast majority of those GIFs fit into a gallery topic I post.

Yes, I know I'll get there eventually At any rate, more pantyhose and stocking pix, exhibitionist and Sleep and passed out pix, voyeur and exhibitionist pix, wife and daughter pix, pantyhose and stocking pix, story and caption ideas, wives and girlfriends exposed, and a general mish-mash of other stuff tossed in It took a couple days to pull together a decent gallery of downloads but here ya go Pantyhose and stocking pix, wife and daughter pix, wives and girlfriends being exhibitionists or being the object of a voyeur, sleep and passed out pix, and yes, if All ready for bed.

Not ready to sleep yet though ; -lexiluvscox. Ok, so it takes a couple days to get a bunch of pix together. Actually, a TON of those I downloaded today so yesterday actually wasn't that productive. Oh, well. Lots of stocking pix. LOTS of Vintage. A few pantyhose pix, some sleep or passed out pix, She fucked 5, guys!!! Killed one!!! She has bouncy tits, a juicy ass and superb sucking skills. She was putting all her assets to use as a hooker in Germany. Mrs Pancake.

She had done her best to wipe the jizz from her lips and cheeks with her blouse, which was wet and stained but when she Tini has a doctor's appointment and is sitting tense in the doctor's chair. The doctor told Tini to numb her for further examinations and she agreed to an anesthesia. It takes a litte time to make Tini complete limp and sleepy but after some deep Nice grab of pix today from a couple of YOUR favorites folders as well as the general stuff that gets posted I like as well.

Story and caption ideas as usual, pantyhose and stocking pix, wife and daughter pix, voyeur and exhibitionist wife pix, some Yeah, this month has sucked both in how many pix I downloaded and in how much time I've got to sort them and upload them again. C'est la vie, n'est-ce pas? At any rate, even though I managed to find some pantyhose and stocking pix, some story and Well, well. Looks like they may have fixed the uploader. Pantyhose and stocking pix, passed out and sleep pix, wife pix, wives and daughters exposed and voyeured.

Good stuff! In this amazing gallery, you'll see so many characters from famous cartoons, movies and games as Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo, Harley Quinn from Assault of Arkham and Batman, Dominatrix PX. Yep, sis was already pregnant was she was 17 and half The poor girl was so dejected when her bastard high school boyfriend dumped her.

She found comfort in all the sweet attention she received from me during her pregnancy. Though I was barely Busy couple of days so I didn't upload yesterday. This means you get both sets today, so no big. And since pickin's were slim both days, its probably a good thing. Lots of passed out and sleep pix for once, wife and daughter pix, a couple office and Y'know, when you can download a file from Imagefap and can't upload it back again, all you can do is sit there and shake your head. Granted, I realize there's a limit on GIF file sizes and for good reason, otherwise some dink would upload a 4 terabyte Better batch of rabbit holes today so even though there's a definite trend to some of the pix I downloaded, keep in mind these aren't always my personal preference, but are story ideas or gallery content.

Aside from the MMF stuff, there's a nice run of Stuck up female executive, closeted racist, is raped by low level black employees. Another small batch but between a busy day and a lack of rabbit holes, the NJ wife from a previous gallery appears to dominate.

Not that there aren't a few pantyhose or stocking pix there, but wives and daughters didn't make much of an appearance. First, y'all have got some amazing collections.

I don't got that kind of time. Once you exceed Your wife had never been shared among this many men. She had gone to her boyfriend Vincent's flat after lunch and a few drinks in the park and they started to make out. Then his friends arrived, four of them, and although perfectly charming, they were Small but what I consider a high quality run today.

Lots of pantyhose and wife pix, daughters and wives in action or being an exhibitionist or getting viewed by a voyeur, sleep and passed out pix, and even some shots for galleries or even caption and Just another bunch of trashy tarts getting fucked.

Another fine day of downloads from our ever favorite site, Imagefap! Lots of secretary and office pix today, pantyhose and stockings, wife and daughter pix, sleep and passed out shots and even a hockey picture!

Slap shot, get it? Double anal Two cocks in the ass backd door both holes up her ass rear entry ass assault anal DP Double Penetration. It got nipply out what can I say. Still some good pantyhose and wife pix, interracial wives in action, exhibitionist stuff and some voyeur too.

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