Oh my giddy aunt

See Full Schedule. A little verbal firework display in response to a surprise of some sort—usually either painful, delightful or disgusting—without which the English language would be infinitely poorer. But the problem with expletives is that they can cause offence in polite society, no matter how sincerely meant. In order to fully capture the shock of the moment, language has gone to the black store cupboard at the back of the racks and pulled out the stinkiest curses to use as fuel. They exist because calling down the very heavens in moments of high stress seems somehow just and appropriate, but as God has made his feelings plain on the subject of taking his name in vain, alternatives have been sought. To really make full use of the fun of expletives, we need something more colorful, something descriptive and even a touch dramatic. Giddy is a terrific word, and very apt in the circumstances as it is based on gidi , a word derived from gudo , the old Norse word for God. People with mental health issues or learning disabilities were named giddy because that meant they were possessed by God. As with words like loopy and daffy and nuts , the original medical meaning has receded over the years, leaving a broadly similar definition that is hidden behind layers of pillow-soft warmth. Shakespeare was fond of giddy , using it as an intensifier to mean dizzy or moving at high speeds.
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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. The mental picture that forms in my mind is of fancy English ballrooms, a fainting lady and smelling salts. Google Books and the Phrase Finder are not proving helpful and just term it "An exclamation of surprise. Can one of the English scholars out there provide the colourful backstory to this archaic phrase? The dictionary of slang you link to tells us " my giddy aunt! Barbellion and that it's an elaboration of " my aunt! The same dictionary also gives some variations of my aunt! This may be unrelated, but it also notes that aunt was a procuress, concubine or prostitute C. Yet more variations include my sainted aunts!
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Original Art Greetings Cards. The word giddy has been used to mean mad or stupid since the first millennium. So, those who were labelled giddy were those who were possessed of God. The more recent 16th century use of dizzy, to mean or affected with vertigo began life as the word turngiddy.

Shakespeare alluded to this in Lucrece, To spoil antiquities of hammer'd steel, And turn the giddy round of Fortune's wheel.

The link between the two meanings of giddy are exemplified by the Sufi devotees - the Whirling Dervishes properly called the Mevlevi. There's nothing especially giddy about aunts. The word has been applied as an intensifier to all sorts of things - giddy-headed , the giddy ox , etc. Shakespeare used the word 30 or more times in his plays and associated it with both Goths and geese.

He seems to have noticed that giddy works best with other 'G' words, although he missed out on the only other 'giddy' phrase to have lasted apart from giddy aunt , that is, the giddy goat. While it is the 'giddy goat' it is always my 'Giddy aunt!

The first use I can find of 'my giddy aunt' is in The journal of a disappointed man, , by W. Barbellion the pseudonym of the English author Bruce Cummings. Of course the giddiest aunt of them all is the character in Charley's Aunt - Brandon Thomas' farce, which was first performed in In the play Charley Whyckham's aunt is said to be "from where the nuts come from" Brazil.

The farce revolves around her impersonation by a man, but I can't find any reference in the play to 'her' as giddy. My giddy aunt Other phrases about: Family Stupidity.

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